I did not see Blackdeath from Russia as traffic was a bitch due to snowy weather but i was just in time to see Ondskapt from Sweden starting their set. And after that the main course for me, Archgoat from Finland and finally Inquisition from the US. Let me start with the venue Doornroosje, WOW, really nice venue, nice space, big and a great sound. I was at their old place a few times but never in their new location and this new location impressed the hell out of me. So, what about the bands this evening? I guess black metal and war metal have become mainstream as there were a lot of visitors but after this evening i don’t know why it has become mainstream cause, well, it was a bit boring. Musically okay but stage performance not so okay. If there would have been a cd playing nobody would have noticed the difference as band members were like statues. Still, Archgoat live on stage, can it be more bestial? So yeah, still a great night. During the Inquisition live set extreme stage lights were used which completely fucked up the autofocus of my phone, yeah i record it with my phone, so not the best live video from Inquisition here, sorry about that.