What else can one do when Saturnus is playing live in the neighborhood than besides seeing them? Well, okay it’s a one hour drive so it’s not exactly in the neighborhood but it’s still in the Netherlands and in the Netherlands basically everything is somewhat in the neighborhood if you don’t mind drive a little. So we started with Dutch Facade this evening and the band managed to surprise me with their doom/death in the English style from the nineties. Quite a big surprise i might say as this band is really good at what they do. Next was Belgian Marche Funebre whom gave a good but somewhat different show than usual. During the tour the bassplayer broke his arm so a second bassplayer was on stage while the original took on the grunting on stage. And if two vocalist isn’t enough, you take a third one to sing along with a song. And then something i was looking forward to, Eye of Solitude from the UK. Magnificent! Saturnus did only four dates on this tour with a show in the UK, Germany, Belgium and the final show in the Netherlands. It was the second time i saw them live and they still manage to amaze me. Best band of this night although Eye of Sollitude were also really good.