Altar of Plagues split up somewhere in 2013 but after a year or so they got back together to do some gigs as they got a lot of requests for that. The band states that it’s not a reunion but a few countries were visited and i’ve heard that there are already more plans for gigs so w’ll see what happens with this reunion. First i had the change to see a Dutch band that i had on my wishlist for some time now, Galg. The gig was just as dark and obscure as their music as they were only using one light bolt on stage. Malthusian used a little more light but still it remained pretty dark as the venue just doesn’t have that much light. The Irish lads are a bit more death metal but fitted well into this evening. And main act Altar of Plagues ended this evening with their post black metal. All this made me hungry for more so i hope the reunion will be continued for some times so i can catch them again live. Excellent night this was with all three bands being victorious when it comes to their live performance.