LIVE 29/03/2015 DB’S UTRECHT

With some booze in the body watching some stoner on a stage, cant think of a better way to spend a sunday afternoon. Three Dutch bands and The Midnight Ghost Train from the US who were on a pretty large European tour. Sativa had to start and unfortunately not much people were already inside but the band gave 100% and their stoner is maybe not that special but on stage it works really well. Next was Udarnik with more noise rock kinda music. Nice but the vocals is something you have to appreciate. And then Orange Maplewood and well, not my thing. I like grunge music for a few bits here and there but to watch it live… But nevertheless a descent band with good musicians and with the right audience they will for sure get the party started. TMGT simply got the party started. Even if you don’t like stoner this band is fun to watch. With a full room everything just was right this night with TMGT on stage.