LIVE 14/06/2015 P60 AMSTELVEEN

Krisiun is doing it’s thing for 25 years now and to celebrate it a tour through Europe was organized with Ad Patres from France. Support came from local bands so Dutch Akrasial were first on stage and presented their death metal. If i understood it all correctly a debut album should be released soon and i will definitely go check it out. Ad Patres sound is much more heavy than the looks of the band, this sounds stupid i know but that’s how it is. Nevertheless their brutal death/grind blew me away. Bodyfarm is more osdm and it was the second time i saw them live. The band has grown as a band since the last time i saw them and their performance on stage was really professional. And great osdm off course. Krisiun were the masters this evening, brutal as fuck but still nice people and a lot of talks with the audience between songs. If Krisiun ever makes it to 50 years as a band and still plays live i will be there then.