This day was my birthday and to celebrate that the Into the Void festival was organised. Not really but 15 bands made sure i had a nice day, a really nice day. Although 15 bands is a lot for one day and the booze at the venue wasn’t something i would go back for, i had a real hard time to get drunk of those poorly mixed drinks, it was a fun day. We didn’t see all the bands but we managed to see most of them. Although there were some big names on the bill, the surprises came from the unknown bands. Wucan from Germany surprised me the most this day and next to that Jambinai and My Sleeping Karma. All in all a nice festival and a nice venue, Neushoorn just recently opened a few days before this and it’s a nice addition to the venues in the Netherlands. To bad an water pipe during Solstafir broke and flooded the balcony. Nevertheless the party kept on going but we went to the hotel, exhausted and still not drunk.