LIVE 20/11/2015 DB’S UTRECHT

As a part of the Le Guess Who? festival there was a night of obscure dance music organised at DB’s. With four Dutch bands whom can be considered as the finest Dutch soil currently has to offer when it comes to deeply haunting and hypnotic black metal. Terzij de Horde also used the occasion to present their already highly acclaimed debut album Self. Nefast started the night and i must admit that the band did a job well done. Already Nefast crawled it’s way into my head through their bandcamp site but live it was more sinister and beautiful than a digital piece of music ever will be. Highly recommended to go and see them live. And the same for Laster, it was the second time i saw them live and the masks are still a creepy thing to see on stage. Gnaw their Tonguess is one of the musical child’s from Mories which i usually  find a bit tough to digest musically but live, and it was the first time i saw Mories live, it was wonderful and a world of unparalleled darkness opened up right before me. And finaly Terzij de Horde, do i need to say that it was like a bright star who clashed with a dark world, creating a black hole and destroying all life surrounding it?