So there were three bands tonight of which i didn’t know one and two of them i really wanted to see. First the one i didn’t know, Adimiron from Italy with their progressive metal. Not bad at all for a first meeting, as i was told the band used to be a melodic death metal band in the past and that could clearly be heard as some parts were to heavy for a progressive band. So, not bad at all but we moved on to Wolfheart and i was eager to see them and more in particular Tuomas Saukkonen as i never saw him playing live before while he did some great work with his previous bands. Wolfheart is now his only band and all of Tuomas creativity is put into it. Too bad the sound was not that good as the vocals were a little down in the mix so it was hard to understand. Still it was special to see Tuomas finally live. And the not so good sound continued with Swallow the Sun unfortunately, the vocals were almost completely lost in the mix and that’s a shame as their music needs to be heard complete and that’s with vocals. So kinda mixed feeling about it, great band but the sound ruined it a bit for me.