LIVE 16/12/2015 P60 AMSTELVEEN

A night with female vocals, Liv Kristine currently known as the voice of Leaves’ Eyes and before that as the voice of Theatre of Tragedy has also a solo career under her own name with five full-length albums. Her solo music isn’t something for every metalhead and sometimes it’s even very close to pop music and thats something most metalheads are allergic to. Well, i’m not so i headed towards Amstelveen to see the lady in person on stage with her solo music and as, again, the voice of Theatre of Tragedy as Raymond also went along and together they performed some old Theatre of Tragedy songs. So i did not record only one song as i usually do but two this time. First there was a promising Dutch band on stage and you guessed it, female fronted metal. The band has released their debut album this year and it’s really worth your attention if you like female voices and the band performs well on stage too. All in all a great night.