The final concert of the year and as some kind of a last minute decision i decided to go to Willemeen to see Dread Sovereign and three other bands. Already thought that Liv Kristine would be my latest concert of 2015 but i’m glad i decided to go this day as this was actually a shit load of fun. It was the Raunächte Tour and Anomalie from Austria presented themselves with their atmospheric black/death in a good way. They just released their second album and this tour was a great way to spread their music a little more to new people. Bifrost comes also from Austria and probably lives in the same neighborhood as Anomalie as some band members were again on stage. But to be honest, their pagan metal isn’t working for me although it is a fun band to watch on stage as they have a lot of humor. Dread Sovereign was a whole different level, the project founded by Alan from Primordial plays old school heavy metal with doom influences and it’s just fucking great music and the same for their stage performance. And as closing and main act their was Finsterforst whom i didn’t know but fuck me sideways, this band is just fun and cool. It’s folk metal and i rarely listen to this type of metal but i’m afraid i must do this more often. These Germans use an accordion in their music besides the basic elements as guitar and stuff and it gives the music a special taste. Fun gig and what a great way to end 2015.